The record of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is

The record of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is not good, repeatedly stated by many economists, who lament the dependence of Algeria against hydrocarbons. They represent 98% of exports and oil taxes covers 75% of budget revenues. In these times of crisis, the volatility of oil prices weakened the country further, so that the subject has been a central theme of the presidential campaign. All candidates advocate a diversified economy. The hydrocarbons sector is isolated from the rest of the economy, whose population does not receive the benefits, says one expert.

For several months, the government points to the bill of cereal, milk and medicine – according to official figures, has increased by 75% in one year, from $ 4.49 billion (3.39 billion euros) in 2007 to 7,820,000,000 dollars (5.91 billion euros) in 2008. The trend is the same for food products, whose bill came to $ 8 billion (6 billion euros) in 2008, against 2.5 billion dollars (1.89 billion euros) in 2003. For the Algerian Minister of Industry, Hamid Temmar, this figure is dangerous. It is unusual that Algeria imports from countries less well placed for agricultural products should instead be exported, says judge il.Un important sector informelEn on pharmaceuticals, the government has taken radical measures in deciding in October to stop importing drugs manufactured locally. At this rate, the oil revenues, even with a significant price per barrel, increasingly insufficient to preserve the medium term, our financial independence and to ensure continuity of our development, fears Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Unemployment figures are falsified accuses another, advancing a figure of 30% for 2008 instead of the 11.3% official. President Bouteflika has promised to create 3 million jobs, but many took refuge in the informal economy. Young people prefer the smuggling activity to a formal work where they will be much less well paid, notes, fatalistic, an observer. The weight of the informal sector in Algeria account for 30% to 50% of PIB.M.-C.

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The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean arrived at the University

The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean arrived at the University one day only, Wednesday, March 11, from 10 am to 15 pm at 30 Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins, opposite library area, to publicize job opportunities in the region and internship opportunities, and financial support being offered. We can get information on reimbursement for costs incurred for an interview or the tax credit for costs of removal or the one for new graduate s that can reach $ 8,000.

The problems experienced by children of primary age will be the subject of the second-day conference on children in Quebec will be held Sunday, March 15, 9 am 30-15 pm, Grand Salon du Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins. For this event, a quartet of experts (Charles E. LISTSERV professor of psychology, Andree-Anne Provencal, a graduate in community psychology, Richard Goulet, a pediatrician, and Mounir Samy, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) all renowned in their respective fields, will address topics related to children such as hyperactivity and conduct disorders, the adverse effects of academic performance, anxiety and depression and the influence of environment on the self esteem of the child. This activity is for caregivers and loved ones who have to help children in difficulty as well as anyone interested in learning more about issues affecting children. The cost is $ 10 including lunch. Go Register at.

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This procedure could be used

This procedure could be used otherwise, and it is unfortunate if it did not. The centrist parliamentarians or groups of the UMP could use to lobby against the government to oppose the policies of President’s trump card (typical leadership bling 90s: stirred much to give the illusion of acting, it creates a lot of new projects, but none led to any term it is more about the effect media marketing proposals on how effective they are, etc.). Members of the majority have the weapons to guide government policy, but they do not use it.

Terrible day for the French! After the defeat of Monfils (No. 9), missed cons Tipsarevic (6-3, 6-1), Simon (No. 6) which disappeared cons Beck (7-5, 6-1). Mathieu finally caved against Nalbandian (6-4, 3-6, 6-3) and Serra banked against Karlovic (6-4, 6-4). No worries however for Murray and Djokovic, qualified eighth. Not landowner who wants to. It is not Pete Sampras, the man with 14 Grand Slam titles but none at Roland Garros, who says the contrary. To play well on clay requires certain changes, physical, technical, and new habits to drive after the season. As one of how to use the lift or be patient in the exchange, may be corrected early. Tuesday in Monte Carlo, Gael Monfils, Gilles Simon and Paul-Henri Mathieu, to a lesser extent, have made the painful experience.

Perhaps too much, too fast. Exempted from the first round because of his status seeded No. 6, Simon played a qualification for entry to the third round. it had never passed the second round. Given its disastrous performance (7-5, 6-1), facing the German qualifier Andreas Beck, 89th player in the world, students of Thierry Tulasne was not wrong. Service failure (36% first), heavy travel, a festival of unforced errors, frustration and throwing rackets: 1:27 ‘of torture to the French, out for the third consecutive year since its entry into the race.

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The author of the text below is a

The author of the text below is a keen observer of politics in Burkina Faso. As an expert, he reviews the main landerneau analyzing weaknesses, deficiencies, the actions of key players.

Fractures to the CDP, serious accident at the ADF RDA, head injury to the PDP PS unit found in Sankara witch hunt in Mouvanciers, truth serum civil society, in short, as many signs, as rumbles of thunder heralding an earthquake in depth of a political class long remained in a constant pitch between consensus, compromise and compromise, with a backdrop of democracy in search of its brands. Hence follows that the decomposition, the reconstruction and renewal of the political class now seem plausible in the past as possible. The first fact, both prominent and dominant, the process of decomposition – reorganization is the crisis in the CDP. And we are finally, one is tempted to say. Indeed, the multiple crises long maintained or contained within the mega giga CDP, were finally exposed publicly. But please, this time, so climactic.

Thus, in a purely enumerative say that this crisis can be seen first by the resignation for the least sensational of renewal which finally chose to pass the sling to the confrontation. But the main consequence of this decline is the least-offensive against those reshaping it should also be reformed to reestablish the overhaul, the latter being disabled, weak and even discredited in relation to crimes of companionship, of connivance and complicity that weigh on their shoulders, become frail to have long supported the CDP, the main consequence I said, it is the total spur of the soul vast CDP, which in reality was a conglomerate of political parties widely collected, and whose CNPP PSD just slam the door was none the less. In doing so, it is the ideological basis of the CDP is killing, condemning him to a weight loss forced, and that’s the heavy heart that attends this party, powerless to erosion of its traditional support.

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If people become aware that belief is not knowledge, then

If people become aware that belief is not knowledge, then is it not possible to consider the beliefs not as a goal, but as a tool

Beliefs, whether scientific, religious or human, by nature are the result of the cradle, the seed of ignorance in which men are perpetually locked, to turn away from reality, to revel in the illusion they drown inexorably to feign impotence of human reason. From that standpoint, beliefs seem to be banned from the search for knowledge, they appear as the abyss of knowledge, the demon of science and mathematics, the soil in which ignorance can grow. Yet, men believe, and will continue to believe, to hope, to suppose, to have faith. But Descartes, before establishing the laws of refraction, he had developed a hypothesis, a belief, an intuition which enabled him to establish some truth beliefs could also be a source of truth for the development of

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